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Christine Sugary Staple (Christine Coffey at the time), co-starred in the British comedy drama, Jingle Blues Jingle Bells​

3 Generations of Ska Tour & Other Dates

Christine Sugary Staple's short story has been published by Old Dog Books in their 20 Shades of Psycho compilation book. Buy the book here:

​Christine Sugary Staple performing on Vintage TV with the Neville Staple Band (right) and Frizzle TV Award Winner (below)

Skamouth Weekender with 3 Generations of Ska

Christine Sugary Staple joins Original Rudeboy Neville Staple (ex-The specials) on tour. For tickets & links to the new album click on this link:

'Sugary comes out of the shadows of backing vocals, into the limelight. Wonderful!'

Garry Bushell - Daily Star, Litopia & Street Sounds

'I love it. Hit songs for true. Will test the best. Come and work with me'

Stranger Cole - Jamaican Music Legend

'My talented friend has created Original Rudegirl Sound, a happy tune, just what we need'

Shane O'Connor - BBC Coventry & Warks

​'The hypnotic presence of Staple’s wife Christine Sugary Staple to his right, resplendent in ‘rude girl’ t-shirt and radiant energy, is another thrill to go with a never ending stream of musical high points. She does an especially stellar job of re-creating the ghostly backing vocal refrain in the chorus to another Specials fan-fave, Ghost Town.'

Anthony Gebhardt 'Blank' Australia street press