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I wrote the EP lead track 'Original Rudegirl Sound' as a feel-good fun song (in these doom and gloom times), with a strong female presence. It is my 'ska' answer to the super iconic 'Skinhead Moonstomp' by Symarip, which I adore, especially how it gets everyone stomping and chanting at events. The video was filmed Coventry, with a whole bunch of Cov, London and ska mates from all over England. The kids that turned up to take part in the video were absolutely fantastic. Plus there's lots of family and friends too. Hope you like the video. This track has already been played on BBC6 (Liz Kershaw's show) and BBC Coventry & Warks and went down a treat! I was flooded with calls to perform at various festivals and gigs after the airplay, which was super. Guest vocals are from my husband Neville Staple, plus Lorraine Skamama Foster (my sister & Melody Kenealy (my niece, both join me with backing vocals on this track Thanks girls xx

Dirty Little Liar (the JK Skank) - I wrote this based on Nev's love

of Jeremy Kyle (drives me frigging nuts watching it all the time,

lol) and the kick he gets from Jeremy's 'wonderful' guests!!! Lol.

I sang my own backing vocals and later added some from Elizah

Jackman 'Three Minute Hero' theatre show and her friend. I

have since performed it at ITV for the Jeremy Kyle Show, after they 

invited us to meet Jeremy Kyle in June 2015. They love the song!

Boy - is my answer to Nev's lovers track called 'Girl' from his 'Ska Crazy' album. I originally sang Girl for him as a guide track, in the studio whilst doing various guest and backing vocals for him; and loved it so much that we did a adapted version of it by adding violin strings from an excellent musician, Sarah Farmer, in a John Holt fashion; and some great sax from the superb Alvin Davies. I am joined in backing vocals with Lorraine Skamama Foster (sis) and my niece Melody Kenealy again, plus Fay Elson and Melanie Staple (my step-daughter).

Ska To The Beat - my fun 'teach them ska' song with an influence from the old classic 'Jamaica Ska' tune. I shot some footage for a video of this whilst in Jamaica this January, to combine with some UK footage - coming soon. Nev did drums on this track himself. I also wanted to combine the vocals with a 30's/40's girl group feel like the Chordettes and the Andrew Sisters, etc. The song features in Cass Penant's 'Beverley' movie soundtrack, which Nev and I play cameo roles in (in the rasta den, plus I dance in the club scene background) and also helped behind the scenes.

Way I Love You was recorded in both Jamaica and England and is a sweet reggae track which is being played across Jamaica radio and sounds systems, along with other versions by Cocoa Tea and others. A collaboration with Delroy Wilson's representatives.

Most of the Neville Staple Band are the main musicians on 4 of the tracks, plus some other music friends (Paul Samsung, Tim W Jones, Sarah Farmer and Alvin Davies) -  and Way I Love You / Baby Don't Cry No More, which is a part-production by DJ Phantom from Sonic Studio in Kingston, Jamaica. All produced by Neville Staple and co-produced, mixed & engineered by Tom Lowry at Planet Studios in Coventry.


Filmed by Jeff Chaplin at Skamouth EP Launch March 2015

Jingle Blues, Jingle Bells 2008

Starring Christine Sugary Staple (Coffey) and Glen John-Baptiste

​Comedy/Drama Feature Film, directed by Sylvester Williams (Eastenders, Bullet Boy)

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