Sugary spearheaded the highly celebrated Skamouth music weekends, with her ska colleague, Tom Fahy and works for various charitable trusts and schools, helping children into music and drama, as well as fund-raising activities. Sugary and Neville work tirelessly supporting Coventry City with projects like the 2021 City of Culture Bid, directing and producing super shows like Diversity Rocks and patronage work for Coventry’s Albany Theatre and the 2Tone Village. Her recent acting and singing performances were screened on TNT, Vintage TV and Virgin Media TV, as well as various other appearances on mainstream television.

Sugary fronts the Neville Staple Band stage with husband Neville and also performs as a soloist with her ska/punk musician friends. She relentlessly works to provide sponsorship for bringing Jamaican ska legends to the UK and with Neville, provides support and funds, to help the education of children in poor areas of Jamaica and Africa.

Sugary comes out of the shadows, into the front limelight. Wonderful!' Garry Bushell - Daily Star, Litopia & Street Sounds

'My talented friend has created Original Rudegirl Sound, a happy tune, just what we need'

Shane O'Connor - BBC Coventry & Warks


Sugary marries her teen pin-up Neville Staple (The Specials, Fun Boy Three, etc) on 4th January 2014, in Bryce Church, Sawmill, up in the mountains of Christiana, Manchester, Jamaica - Neville's birth place and where his parents lay to rest.

In 2015 Sugary performed 'Dirty Litle Liar' (The JK Skank) on the Jeremy Kyle Show set for ITV and started work on various music connections and collaborations with many legendary Jamaican artists, including her idols, the legendary Stranger Cole and Dandy Livingstone (recent Jamaica photos to the left), plus Lee Scratch Perry / Band (pictured right), as well as Jamaican Radio/TV Shows. ​​Her new track 'Way I Love You' is hot in Jamaica with Stone Love, Killamangaro and Irie FM taking it up.

Sugary Staple - Frizzle TV Awards Winner 2015

Pictured with: Melanie Gayle, husband Neville

Staple & Ellen Thomas (Eastenders)

Sugary Staple

Christine ‘Sugary Staple’ is the wife and manager of the Original Rude boy Neville Staple (ex The Specials, Fun Boy 3 and Special Beat) and has been writing, producing and performing in film, video and music since her teens. She is especially known for bringing energy, charisma and fun to the stage during tours and shows and is currently performing songs from her forthcoming joint ska/punk album with husband Neville Staple. The album also features Roddy Radiation (ex The Specials), plus a reworking of Stranger Cole & Patsy Todd’s, ‘When I Call Your Name’, as a duet with Neville.

Sugary Staple Official website

Backstage at Skamouth Festival with King of Ska, Derrick Morgan and Original Rudeboy Neville Staple (above) and Legend, Bunny Striker Lee (below).


Christine SUGARY Staple has been involved in the music, theatre, events

and filming industry since her childhood (attending Anna Scher's Theatre

Group, Hoxton Hall and others). She is currently performing Internationally with

the Neville Staple Band, as well as managing them and releasing her own album,

following the recent success of her sold out EP. She works on a variety of music

projects and events, including Skamouth Weekender (with ska colleague Tom

Fahy), UK gigs, music websites and various festivals. In the last 10 years she

has been in a variety of UK films, including a leading role in Jingle Blues, Jingle

Bells (Directed by Sylvester Williams - Eastenders, Bullet Boy), a cameo role

(and production work) in multi-award winning 'Beverley' (including writing her 

'Ska To The Beat' track for the soundtrack) and 'Officially selected short film

'Christine' by BAFTA and BFI supported National Student Film Festival 2012 and Portobello Film Festival 2016 (a biography film about her 'life in Hackney', by Belinda Harman (, plus many others. In 2016 /2017 Sugary has took part in supporting actor work in 'Will' and 'Collateral' TV series and short film 'Big Momm's Pizza', a Pulp Fiction send up. She has sung (including backing) for various ska, reggae and punk bands, including the Neville Staple Band (ongoing), a US funk band, Jamaican productions, radio jingles, The Red Stripes and the Noxious Toys (under the Skarettes name tag). In October 2015 Sugary became the winner of a Frizzle TV Award, at a special red carpet event at for BEX Live, at the Hilton NEC in Birmingham. She appeared in 2 TV shows recently, 'Live At The Water Rats' and 'The Sessions', with the Neville Staple Band for 'Vintage TV, and performed and co-wrote 'Minute To Win It' for the Coventry City of Culture Bid'.  

Sugary regularly performs with husband Neville Staple (The Specials, Fun Boy Three, etc); including touring with him and his band, managing them all and supporting them on stage. She has written and co-produced with Neville on his latest album 'Return Of Judge Roughneck (& Dub Specials)' plus recorded music with a number of stars for music projects, like the fun BBC Coventry & Warwickshire project, with Shane O'Connor, for the ring roads 40th anniversary (Let's Go Round Again and an England World Cup song. Sugary is a proficient writer and is currently involved in 2 books (also check out her recently published short story in the new '20 Shades of Psycho' book on Old Dog Books), screen plays and a catalogue of songs, originally written as a hobby / pastime, until recently! A few years ago she Married Original Rudeboy, Neville Staple, who co-produced her sold out 5 track EP at Planet Studios in Coventry. Earlier, the previous year, she co-wrote the track 'Two Tone Girl' which was performed by Neville Staple and The Mutants band and features on the Mutants 'Rhythm & Punk Review' album (with Chris Constantinou, Wilko Johnson, Rat Scabies and many others). The same year, Sugary recorded additional vocals on Neville's 'Ska Crazy' album and did backing too, as well as guest vocals and co-writing of songs on many of the new songs, for Neville's other music projects (new album out 2016).

Now living in the UK City of Coventry, West Midlands (plus she still has her London family home), where 2Tone Records and the iconic bands 'The Specials' (Neville's former band and label - both founded by Jerry Dammers) and 'The Selecter' (with Pauline Black, one of Sugary's teen inspirations), were founded. Sugary was born and bred in London, in a tough and at the time, poor inner-city area of Hackney, in the East End, the youngest of 5 children. Her family background comes from England, Barbados, Scotland and Jamaica and her childhood was a raw and rough one. After her rebelious tomboy child/teen life, on the edge of the law, becoming a teen mum and coming through the tough years of Thatcherism, 80's riots and a resurgence in racist activity, Sugary found her inner self through big sounds systems, 2Tone Music and her mixed friends of mods, skins and sounds system friends/DJ's. Her late father and mother's love of early reggae, bluebeat and ska paved her way into a life-long love affair with the sub-culture scene and underground/non-mainstream music establishments.

Sugary was troubled and unsettled as a child, at home and at school and attended at least 9 different schools before leaving at aged 15 (with a 'superior level IQ'). She later (as a determined to change adult), attended North London Uni/Poly and qualified in Business and Finance, Company Law and Health & Safety Management and was certificated in Equality & Inclusion Management, Railway Rules, Regs & Procedures and Employee/HR Relations Management. Much of this was during the years spent working for Transport for London and London Underground (following in her father's footsteps), which included her qualifying to drive tube trains, National Express Coaches and running/managing various departments and projects (Victoria Line, Staff Networks, Company Council Relations, Health & Safety Management, Operational Procedures, Track Access Contracts and Staff Network Chairperson). All the while Sugary put on music, exhibition and party events for masses of staff and friends as well as filmed training and mentoring videos, as well as kept up her acting work as a hobby.

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